GALAXY FORCE outdoor rental series excels in outdoor environments with its easy maintenance, innovative curve lock design, lightweight construction, and outstanding visual performance. Its ability to support various installation methods provides flexibility and adaptability to different setups. The series is an ideal choice for outdoor events and rental applications, offering captivating visuals and ease of use.

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Full Front/Rear Maintenance

Full Front/Rear Maintenance

The GALAXY FORCE series is designed for easy installation and maintenance. The panel allows for both front and rear maintenance, ensuring efficient servicing. The module and mask design enables quick and hassle-free replacements, with modules exchangeable in any position and the mask easily snapped on and off.
Innovative Integrated Curve Lock Design

Innovative Integrated Curve Lock Design

The series features an innovative integrated curve lock design, supporting a range of plus or minus 15 degrees. This design provides more options for stage design, allowing for curved configurations to enhance visual impact and creativity.
Less Weight, Stronger Structure

Less Weight, Stronger Structure

The GALAXY FORCE series boasts an ultra-light and ultra-thin design, with each panel weighing only 14kg and a thickness of 84cm. This lightweight construction makes it easier for one person to handle installation and transportation. Despite its light weight, the panel maintains a strong and robust structure for durability.
Outstanding Visual Performance

Outstanding Visual Performance

GALAXY FORCE delivers exceptional visual performance with its high-quality display capabilities. It offers vibrant colors, excellent contrast ratios, and sharp image clarity, resulting in stunning visual displays. Whether it's for outdoor events or rental applications, the GALAXY FORCE series ensures captivating visuals.
Multiple Installation Methods

Multiple Installation Methods

The GALAXY FORCE outdoor rental series supports various installation techniques to meet different requirements. It can be hung, stacked, or installed on the ceiling, providing flexibility in deployment. The series offers a 2-in-1 Hanging & Ground Beam option, as well as stacking installation. Optional accessories are available to further customize the LED display, allowing for versatile and tailored setups.


2.6 / 2.9 / 3.91 / 4.81
Titie 2.6 2.9 
3.91 4.81
Pixel Pitch 2.6mm 2.9mm 3.91mm 4.81mm
LED Configuration SMD1415 SMD1415 SMD1921 SMD1921
Max Brightness Calibrated 5000nits 5000nits 5000nits 5000nits
Panel Dimension 500*1000*84mm 500*1000*84mm 500*1000*84mm 500*1000*84mm
Panel Resolution (H X V) 192 x 384 168 x 336 128 x 256 104 x 208
Weight Per Panel 14kg 14kg 14kg 14kg
Power Consumption Max / Average w/m² 800W / 200W 800W / 200W 800W / 200W 800W / 200W
Transparency Solid Solid Solid Solid
Serviceability Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
Viewing Angle Vertical 160° 160° 160° 160°
Viewing Angle Horizontal 160° 160° 160° 160°
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Gray Scale 16bit 16bit 16bit 16bit
Frame Material Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting Die-casting
Operational Temp / Humidity  -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%  -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%   -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%   -20°~ 60°C, 10~90% 
IP Rating Outdoor  Outdoor  Outdoor  Outdoor
Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC



Application scenario

  • Touring


  • Concert


  • Events



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