Aurora Sports display is designed to deliver excellent visual performance in sports venues. With its high brightness, high refresh rate, and HDR technology, it ensures vibrant and lifelike visuals. The front/rear service modules design allows for easy maintenance, while the soft mask and protective top prioritize athlete safety. The display maintains optimal performance in different weather conditions and features an aluminum frame for efficient heat dissipation, energy savings, and easy installation.

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HDR, High Brightness, and High Refresh Rate,offers HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology, ensuring vibrant and lifelike visuals. It provides a high brightness of 6500 nits, which ensures excellent visibility even in outdoor stadiums with varying lighting conditions. The high refresh rate of 3840Hz delivers smooth and seamless motion, making it ideal for sports events.

Features a front/rear service modules design, making daily maintenance easy and efficient. This design allows for quick access to individual modules, saving time during maintenance or replacement of faulty components. It ensures minimal downtime and optimal performance of the display.

Incorporates a soft mask and soft protective top design, which effectively protects athletes from injury. These soft materials act as a cushion, reducing the risk of impact or injury during sports activities. It prioritizes the safety of athletes while providing an immersive viewing experience for spectators.

All-Weather Performance,Aurora Sports display is designed to maintain great performance in different weather conditions. With an IP65 rating for both the front and rear, it is waterproof and dustproof, ensuring reliable operation even in outdoor stadiums exposed to rain, humidity, or dust.

Aurora Sports display features an aluminum frame that offers efficient heat dissipation. This helps maintain optimal operating temperatures and extends the lifespan of the display. Additionally, the aluminum frame contributes to energy efficiency by saving 45% energy compared to traditional displays. The lightweight nature of the frame also makes the display easy to move and install.


6.25 / 8.33 / 10
Titie 6.25 8.33 10
Pixel Pitch 6.25mm 8.33mm 10mm
LED Configuration SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD2727
Max Brightness Calibrated 6500nits 6500nits 6500nits
Panel Dimension 1600mm x 900mm x 95mm  1600mm x 900mm x 95mm  1600mm x 900mm x 95mm 
Panel Resolution (H x V) 256 x 144 192 x 108 160 x 90
Weight Per Panel 45kg 45kg 45kg
Power Consumption Max / Average 800W / 300W 800W / 300W 800W / 300W
Transparency Solid Solid Solid
Serviceability Front/Rear Front/Rear Front/Rear
Viewing Angle Vertical 160° 160° 160°
Viewing Angle Horizontal 160° 160° 160°
Refresh Rate 3840Hz 3840Hz 3840Hz
Gray Scale 16bit 16bit 16bit
Frame Material Aluminum frame Aluminum frame Aluminum frame
Operational Temp / Humidity -20°~ 60°C, 10~90% -20°~ 60°C, 10~90% -20°~ 60°C, 10~90%
IP Rating Outdoor Outdoor Outdoor
Certifications CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC CE, RoHS, FCC



Application Scenario

  • Sports



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